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Story & History of Pickld

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Welcome to our first blog. As our first blog, I thought it would be great to put a face behind the brand. In this blog, I am going to share my story, my vision and aspirations.

So, who am I?

I am a 9th generation vegetarian (as far as the family history goes). The only extent of animal protein I ever consumed as a child growing up in that environment is cow’s milk, butter and cheese. So, you could say I am about 95% plant-based and 5% vegetarian. Of late, I am eating more plant-based food and consume minimal animal products. I am making a conscious decision to reduce the amount of animal protein I consume.

I have never tasted meat or seafood my whole life. In this age when there is so much pressure in society, I am very proud of the fact that I have remained true to my belief. I’m passionate about food and the ingredients in it and don’t like eating numbers.

I am one of those people who will look at every ingredient in the packet before I buy a product.

I hate food waste with a passion, especially when so many people around the world can’t afford one meal a day. It is really obscene the amount of food we waste. I am determined to play a small part in reducing that through an innovative approach to food production.

In the Kitchen…

The kitchen is my creative zen & I love innovating with food. I am a recipe creator and like to come up new recipes or add a modern twist to ancient/traditional methods. I can visualise the end product and come up with ingredients to cook it.

The best compliment I ever received regarding my food is from my mum (my inspiration) who said my food took her back in time to her grandma’s cooking! The second best was from my daughter who said I’m the best cook in the whole full world and my food is so yummy. If you can get your 3-year-old to eat a lot of veggies and plant-based food, then you know that you have something that you can boast about!

Plant-based Diet

I have a passion for plant-based food. I always find it fascinating when I go out with friends or to a party when people are so fascinated by my vegetarianism and plant-based diet. Every time I have to explain that I eat more than salad and as a matter of fact, plant-based food has more variety and combination than meat!

My favourite dish is crunchy eggplant, raw mango dhal with rice (recipe posted on our website). I grew up in a country town with mango trees in the backyard. During my school holidays, I used to spend so much of my time up on the mango trees. This mango dhal is one of our traditional family recipes, which I am so excited to share with the world!

A foodie at heart...

I am a foodie at heart and love exploring different cuisine. I am a big fan of Asian and Mexican cuisine. The great news is that a plant-based diet is spreading. I recall 15 years ago I could hardly find a decent vegetarian or plant-based option on restaurant menus. However, when you see a vegan option on the pub menu, then you know that we are at the cusp of a significant shift in people’s eating habits

Why Pickld?
  • I entertain a lot and every time my friends come over to my place, the first thing they all say is “if you cook vegetarian food this good, I will gladly give up meat”. So, I thought why not package what I cook for my family and help people to reduce meat intake by providing alternative in the form of awesome tasting plant based food.
  • You see, I believe the best way to get people to reduce meat in take is to be able to provide a compelling alternative that will make them think twice about eating meat and eating vegetarian. I also want to make it easy and simple for people to eat healthy and nutritious plant based food.
  • Given my family have been vegetarian for generations, I am so excited to share my unique & authentic family recipes with the wider world so you and your family can enjoy what I cook for my family. Ultimately, my vision is to help people to make healthy choices by making it simple and easy to include plant based food in their diet. Our ready to use seasonings and ready to cook meal kits are designed to do just that.

So, how do you change the world, by changing one person at a time!

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