Finally a spice mix that not only provides flavour, but also saves you time in the kitchen!
Spiced Super Seed 'Sprinkles' - Pickld
Spiced Super Seed 'Sprinkles' - Pickld

Spiced Super Seed 'Sprinkles'



This seed blend is designed to look after your 'digestive health'. The spices used in this seed mix has been used to treat digestive issues in both Indian & Chinese medicine for centuries. They have a perfect aroma of spice and provide nice crunchy texture. Great on top of avocado on toast, savoury foods or salad. Simply sprinkle before serving to get a boost of flavour as well as nutrition from power packed seeds!


Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Melon Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Linseed, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Dill Seeds, Ajwan Seeds, Sesame Oil, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper


Recommended Usage:

Simply sprinkle on cooked food, salad, or soups before serving to get a nice crunchy texture. Try this on top of avocado on toast!

Allergy Information:

This product contains sesame seeds and may contain traces of other tree nuts.

Storage Information:

This product is designed to be stored in the fridge once the seal is removed. When not storing in the fridge, please store the pouch in a cool, dark place away from light.