Finally, a spice mix designed not only to provide flavour, but also to Nourish you gut!

About Pickld

Suda Seasoning

Our story

My name is Suda and I come from a strong lineage of plant-based food enthusiasts (at least 9 generations) who have continued to experiment with flavour combinations that bring food to life.

During my childhood, I used to spend a lot of time with my mum and grandma in the kitchen; both women instilling in me a passion for wholesome plant food that is prepared using the freshest ingredients. This passion has never wavered and I continue to see my kitchen as my creative zen zone. I love innovating with food and creating recipes that add a modern twist to traditional food combinations.

A passion for herbs and spices and generations of plant-based cooking knowledge, led me to create Pickld. Through my creation of unique seasoning blends and recipes, I share with you my family’s historic love of plant-based food. This love is not solely based on the food’s well-being and healing properties but on its tastes, smells, and textures. Therefore, it is important to me that I preserve the authenticity of the flavours and the foods through my preparation process – everything is handmade so there is no machinery or factory involved in the creation of Pickld seasoning blends. I personally hand-pick the ingredients that combine to give vegetables the flavours they deserve.

Then it comes to you. My mission is to help people reduce their dependency on meat as the key source of protein in their diets and look to include a variety of veggies and other plant-based foods in their meals. Pickld ready to use plant-based seasonings contains activated lentils and superfoods (chia seeds and turmeric), so they not only improve the flavour of vegetables, but also help you to create nutritious and easy to cook plant food for you and your loved ones.

Suda Nathan