Do you have a question in regards to our popular seasonings?

FAQ – product

Is your range gluten free?

Our range of seasoning contains no gluten. They are also vegan and contains no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, onion, garlic, salt or sugar.

Are your raw materials locally grown?

Not all our raw materials are locally grown. We use Australian produce where possible and for everything else, we use high quality imported products.

Are these handmade?

All our blend is made using pot and pans and then hand ground. This is done to preserve the authenticity of the flavour and retain the age-old tradition.

Is your range organic?

Our range is not certified organic, but we use organic ingredients where possible. For example, the coconut and moringa we use in our blend are certified organic. We use mostly wholesome ingredients to preserve the authenticity of the blend

What does fermented lentils mean?

We soak our lentils in an acidic environment and use raw apple cider vinegar & a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to assist with the fermentation process. We then dry our lentils and then roast them. Whilst roasting lentils can destroy the prebiotics in the food, it still makes lentils easily digestible and retains the core nutrients such as, protein, fibre and minerals.

Is your blend spicy?

We have couple of flavours with a heat rating of 3 chilli (hot) and couple of them rated 2 chilli (medium) and the rest are rated 1 chilli (mild). All our blend is designed to enhance the flavour of your food rather than over power. It is quite subtle, but the flavour enhances when you cook with it.

FAQ – Cooking

Is this dukkah?

These are ready to use seasoning designed to be added to cooked veggies and other food like, rice, noodles, quinoa, buckwheat, couscous, etc. You can also use this as a sukkah substitute for those who have nuts allergy. They do contain seeds though.

Is this seasoning only for veggies?

Like any other seasoning, you can use this on any food, but we have designed this specifically to enhance the flavours of veggies and other plant food. You get an incredible depth of flavours from your veggies when you add our seasoning to it. As a society, we are not eating enough veggies and other plant food in our diet. Our range is designed to solve that by making veggies incredibly cool!

Can I cook with it?

Our range of seasoning is quite versatile. It can be used at the beginning, during or after. If you like crunchy texture, it is preferable to be added right at the end or just before serving.

How much do I need to add to my dish?

It depends on how much flavour you require. We understand that everyone’s taste buds are different. Our ready to use seasoning is designed to be used on cooked food so, you can control how much flavour you need. All our recipes have suggested quantities. As a rule of thumb, you need about 2 teaspoons for an adult size standard bowl of dish.

FAQ – General

Do you sell wholesale?

We do sell wholesale and we also do sell bulk. If you require large quantities, please send us a note to: sales@pickld.com to enquire about our price.

Do you provide refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds. However, if you are not satisfied with our products, please drop us a note to: support@pickld.com and we will endeavour to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Is the pouch inside the tin recyclable?

Yes. They are 100% recyclable and they are BPA free and food grade. Because we have not added any preservatives including salt, we need to improve shelf life by packing it in a recyclable pouch. However, we are working on other alternatives. So, watch this space!

FAQ – Shipping

Do you shipping International?

Yes, we do.

How many days does it take to deliver International shipping?

It depends on the country and Zone. We use courier such as FedEx & DHL and they do ship their products by air. So, typically as a rule of thumb, it should take anywhere between 5-8 business days. Sometimes it can take up to 10 business days. We will provide tracking number so you can check the status of your shipping

What is the shipping charge for International?

We provide a flat rate shipping for our customers. It will cost between $15 to $25 AUD depending on the quantities purchased

Do you provide any Discount?

Yes we provide discount. More you buy, more discount you will get.

What is the shipping charge within Australia?

Flat $5 Shipping Australia Wide & Free Shipping Australia Wide when you spend $35 or more

How many days do you take to deliver within Australia?

Region/CityEstimated time of delivery
Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Hobatr & Adelaide3 – 5 Business Day
Northern Territory3 – 5 Business Day
Perth & Suburbs1 – 3 Business Day
Regional WA1 – 3 Business Day
Regional Australia*3 – 5 Business Day

*Please note that some remote/regional Australian areas can take longer for delivery.